Images & Memories from S.A.B.A.'s
2017 Conference in Savannah, GA

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Bernard Eskandari, California Department of Justice, flanked by Matt Mills and Alice Dery of the U.S. Department of Justice, explore the overlaps of the civil and criminal justice systems, asset forfeiture and restitution statutes, and how they mesh with debtor and creditor rights under the Bankruptcy Code.
At the keynote luncheon, Mark Kantrowitz, Publisher, Cappex.Com, briefs the group on student loan issues, their effect on the economy, and how they are treated under the Bankruptcy Code.

The informal exchange of SABAís membersí experiences on what works and what doesnít work to protect the interests of governments and the public in insolvency cases.

At a session on the various methods of avoiding transfers to which governments may be subjected, Prof. Jack Williams, Georgia State Univ., Neil Gordon, Arnold, Golden & Gregory, the Hon. Edward Coleman, Bankruptcy Judge, S.D. Georgia and Trish Lazich, Ohio Attorney Generalís Office discuss the myriad ways debtors and trustees attempt to reach into the public fisc, and how their reach can be limited.

Sessions drill into the nuances of interpreting and applying the Bankruptcy Code.

Prof. Ralph Brubaker, University of Illinois School of Law, Jim Stang, Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl & Jones, Mark Silverschotz, AndersonKill, and Zach Mosner, late of the Washington Office of the Attorney General, lead a session on chapter 11 case and confirmation issues, including third-party releases and distributions from structured settlements after Jevic.



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